Amazing to see the resiliency of the community and of the individuals

For three days,Visiting Miyagi for the project ''Team Asunaro 41th''.What was she discovering? 2016.07.09


Team Asunaro 41th| Lauren Higa

Lauren Higa. She belonged to International Christian University,from Los Angeles,Carifornia. She paticipated in Youth for 3.11 x Team Asunaro 41th with Japanese students and Shim-san.


Name:Lauren Higa

University:International Christian University

From:Los Angeles,Carifornia



[Discover Change]

Team Asunaro 41th menbers

(Left:Lauren Higa, Center:Hitomi Hagiwara, Right: Satomi kitazima)

◇Reason for paticipating this project,Team Asunaro 41th◇

Hitomo has been studying Disester Medical Care.It makes her watch situation of Tohoku. Satomi comes to interest social problems through examination for university.Lauren decided to join this project to discover nature,food,culture and so on.

They like to discover people living Tohoku having attention where to be. Also,They like to do hearing stories of 3.11 and watching Tohoku.


Youth for 3.11 x Team Asunaro 41
Day 2 (12 June 2016)
This morning, we woke up early and were ready to start the day at 6am! On our walk to pick up the rental van, Shim-San pointed out several landmarks, including Peace Boat’s old office and one of the many signs showing the water level just after the tsunami. We ate breakfast, then went on our way to a park, as promised yesterday by Shim-San.


The park was situated high above the city, creating a great vantage point. There were signs showing the heavily populated land before the tsunami; now, it hardly looks like it did before. Instead of houses, there are empty lots being overrun by grass. Both this and the water level signs throughout the city allowed us to see how much change the tsunami brought.


After this, we drove back to Ishimori-san’s warehouse to finish working on the oyster shell necklaces. He greeted us, then excitedly showed us a picture of the ship he worked on in his twenties. Shortly after that, we went back to work, slowly making the mountain of oyster shells a little bit smaller. Ishimori-san’s gentle and kind spirit continued to show as he interacted with us while we worked and told stories during our break.
Two hours flew by. As we were preparing to leave, Ishimori-san’s brother dropped off fresh hoya, some of which we enjoyed shortly after. Our goodbyes and thank yous to Ishimori-san were met with warm words and a bright smile.
We drove back into the city to have lunch at a beef tongue restaurant with two of Shim-san’s friends. It felt great to sit and relax after a couple hours of hard work, and it didn’t hurt that the food was delicious (and inexpensive). Before we knew it, it was time to catch the train bound for Sedai, and our weekend of volunteering was over.


It was amazing to see the resiliency of the community and of the individuals in it. The water level signs, unrecovered areas, and abandoned buildings allowed me to see a glimpse of the devastation that 3.11 left on the land. This weekend’s activities, though, allowed me to see how the people have pushed through that. Despite what happened, the people continue to work, have happy hearts, and care for one another.








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